As Far as It Goes

I started the 'stache a few days early 'cause it had been over 10 years since I'd last grown one. Turns out I need not have bothered. But here's the thing, some folks no longer recognized me, many wondered why, and most who liked it also had their own.

I'm wondering if the same might be true of a cross, a clerical collar or some outward sign of my faith and profession. I guess I 'm just a skeptic but I have noticed that conversations change when I walk into a public place in my clerical collar. Some folks are surprised and instantly apologize to me as if I were their mother or a church going grumpy adult from their youth. And most of the folks who are open and affirming already have a church.

Who do folks listen to and really hear the invitation to worship?
People they already trust?
One's without bristly grey hair growing under their nose?

The 'stache fell into the sink the other day.
Folks will recognize me and wonder where I've been.
I hope they hear my invitation to worship.