All Hallow's Eve

Wednesday, Nathan, Aaron & Mo in the glow of their creations
The last day of October was a nightmare filled with a doctor's office that misdirected prescriptions and had a 10 minute phone que. and would not answer email and had me driving back and forth to Costco three times and finally finding the prescription at Safeway, a colonoscopy, a misread lab test that lead to two unnecessary further tests,  and cancelled health reimbursement card and 6 pumpkins that "should have arrived by now." I was exhausted, frustrated to exasperation and rushing to Common Ground  when Nathan texted saying he was waiting outside with carving tools in hand.

Nathan and three students spent the afternoon carving creations that completely distracted me from the day. What joy there is in the gooey, seedy, orange squash they carved. What marvelous light it shined on my day.

I thank God for the light that keeps the nightmares at bay and in perspective.
I thank God for you.

Pastor Mark