Park IT Here

Interesting Concert Venue at the Olympia Art Walk
This guy's clear lilting lyric tenor voice caught me wandering down the street.  And his friend reminded me of my friend who can play and sing every Beetles song ever written from memory. So I stopped wandering and started tapping. My foot and then my hands and the longer I listened the more my grin grew. A street band takin' it to the streets with a blue fringed living room lamp, a light rope and their very own parking place on Capital Ave. Buses roared by and waves of vehicles charged through their songs with every green light. The mix of street sounds and their simple guitar/vocal duet left me tapping and smiling for days.

It's that way when we recognize the truth of the good news in a new context. God's goodness oozes out all over the place, often where we least expect it, and we tap and smile and remember.

Where have you seen  goodness and glory that surprised you this week?

Pastor Mark