Dad in the Elwha River Valley standing in front of Michael's Cabin built in the 1920's.
Dad has always imagined himself a mountain man. His shaggy beard and overhanging eyebrows bring him joy, and this cabin in a remote valley captured his imagination. In this image he stands there in clothing constructed in China, with one titanium hip and tri-focal glasses, after a hundred mile drive and a 2 mile hike. Reality fades to the corners of his mountain man mind. He is an image in his imagination.

While we walked and talked (huff puff huff puff)  I wondered how 25 years ago when I weighed 50 pounds less I imagined my self overweight. Back then, reality carried little weight. Now I see my reality  every time I look in the mirror. My imagination has become my image.

So I was wondering, if image and imagination have such power, how does being created in the image of God influence our self image?

Imagine God's image of you.
Real beauty.
Real pain.
Real promise.
Real peace.

Pastor Mark