Shadow Anticipation

Canoe on Roof. River in Valley. Beautiful Countryside. 
I took this picture staring out the back window of a car loaded with a canoe, pulling a boat on a trailer, heading to Canada to fish. It is hard to describe the level of excitement and anticipation that I felt. And all my expectations were a just shadow of what would be. Now I have concrete memories of what was, and it was awesome. But there is something precious about the shadow and the moment of anticipation.

Our life with God is a bit like this.
I have memories of moments of anticipation.
I have memories of moments of grace.
I have shadowy, wonderful, exciting, expectations of what will be, 
this year as we plan and travel and fish beautiful Lea Hill.

"Follow me and I will make you fish for people."  
                                                           Jesus in Mark 1:17

Peace and Good Fishing,
Pastor Mark