Wor Ship?

Worm and Plant
My usual task as a gardener's assistant is to squash caterpillars and boil immature artichoke flowers. I am good at both.  I missed these two. The worm morphed into a Swallowtail Butterfly and the artichoke came to full glorious bloom. And they found each other. What an infinitely rare and glorious moment.

My usual task as a worship leader is to plan direct and lead people through the liturgy. People are usually busy, and productive, and task oriented and we accomplish the "work of the people" (that is what "liturgy" means in latin).  But every once in a while we get past good order and see through what we are doing to what it means. Then the true beauty of worship comes into focus and, we catch glimpses of the infinitely rare and glorious possibilities that only occur when we are together.  Come on Sunday and keep your eyes open for blooming vegetables and fluttering worms.