Notice the little specks flying in the air. There are people dangling from those strips of cloth, hundreds of feet over the forest, and to them I look like an ant driving my breadbox of a vanagon. There are thirteen dangling daredevils in this picture and another five out of the frame. The trail parking is overflowing on to the shoulder of the road, and people are stopping and staring up all over the place. I've actually been on the hike. Seen the adventurers fly their parasails like kites at the edge of the mountain and then JUMP! The summer sun has invited these folks to renewed perspectives on life and living. And we all look on and smile.

We all have things that we are drawn to and things which we avoid. And somewhere in-between we can dare to try something new. You can hear it in my voice when I'm interested, read it in my body language when I'm sure to avoid, and sometimes even get me to dare something new.

I think God who is always creating and renewing all of creation, smiles when we are invited to become a new and renewed part of this creation. Just think, the summer son is inviting you to renew your perspective on life with God. JUMP!

Pastor Mark