Human-Being and Human-Doing

Family Afloat

I am a human-doing working at being. It is a mistaken identity I have about myself. When I think deeply and rest in God, as I do in prayer and worship I come closer to being. But most days my identity is in what I do. I make this confession and keep working at being.

I AM baptized.
I AM loved.
I AM a child of God

For me its about self-worth. When my self-worth derives from doing, I am lost. When my self-worth derives from being, I am found. And incidentally, but not coincidentally, when I am found by God in a state of being, I am most open to God's doing. Puzzling paradox.

Are we swimming or bobbing or waiting or being in the picture?
Are we human-doings or human-beings?
Maybe the answer is yes.

Peace and Peacefulness,
Pastor Mark